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6 Podcasts About the Joys and Terrors of Air Travel

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It’s a challenging time for frequent fliers in the United States. Boeing, the nation’s aircraft manufacturer, has been facing quality issues since 2018, with recent incidents prompting investigations by the F.A.A. and the Justice Department. A New York Times investigation also uncovered safety concerns regarding American runways. Despite this, air travel remains statistically safe. There are podcasts that explore air disasters and provide insights into the rare occurrences of accidents. The ‘Black Box Down’ podcast focuses on different air disasters, highlighting the rarity of such incidents. Another podcast called ‘The Next Trip’ covers aviation news, travel tips, and industry changes. Additionally, a podcast called ‘The First Vanishing’ investigates the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Overall, these podcasts provide information and reassurance about air travel safety.