United Internet (ETR:UTDI) Trading Down 0.3%

during trading, an increase of 1% from the average session volume of 310,737 shares. The stock had previously closed at 15.42 ($16.77). The stock of United Internet AG (ETR:UTDI) traded down 0.3% during trading on Thursday.

The stock traded at a loss of 0.3% on Thursday. The stock was last traded at EUR15.36 (16.70) after trading as low as EUR15.23 (16.55). The volume of shares traded at midday was 314,340, which is a 0% decrease from the session average of 315 722. The stock closed previously at EUR15.41 (16.75 dollars).

Analyst Upgrades and downgrades

Recent comments from several research analysts on the stock. Hauck Aufhauser Investment Banking published a report Thursday, February 9th with a EUR23.20 (USD25.22). Warburg Research published a report on March 30th with a EUR53.00 ($57.61). Credit Suisse Group, in a report published on Wednesday January 11th, set a EUR25.00 (USD27.17) target price on shares of United Internet. UBS Group, in a report published on Thursday 30th March, set a EUR26.50 (USD28.80). price target on shares of United Internet. The company's debt-to equity ratio is 53.05. Its current ratio is 0.91, and its quick ratio 0.62. The company has a $2.95 billion market cap, a Price-to-Earnings Ratio of 7.35, P/E/G of 0.85, and beta of 0.67. The company's moving average of EUR18.01 is its 50-day price and EUR19.25 is the two-hundred-day price.

United Internet Company Profile

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United Internet AG operates as an Internet provider through its subsidiaries. The company is divided into four segments: Consumer Access, Business Access and Consumer Applications. The company offers mobile and landline broadband internet products for private users, such as home networks, online storage and telephony. It also provides telecommunications products, from fiber-optic direct connection to customized ICT solutions that include voice, data and network solutions.

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