Trump Civil Fraud Trial: Eric Trump to Return to the Stand

In testimony on Thursday, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. attempted to distance themselves from the Trump Organization's financial statements.

Trump Civil Fraud Trial: Eric Trump to Return to the Stand

Eric Trump's testimony on Thursday was a combative one throughout. He dissociated himself from the Trump Organization financial statements, and blamed outside accountants.

He testified that he never worked on the financial statement in the civil fraud suit brought by the New York attorney general. In the case, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and former President Donald J. Trump are named as defendants, along with Eric Trump's family company, which he had managed.

Andrew Amer is a lawyer from the team of the Attorney General. He spent most of his hour-long interview trying to disprove Eric Trump’s claim. He demonstrated, for instance, that Eric Trump would have known about the statements when he was working on a North Carolina golf club deal 10 years ago.

Amer went into detail at the end of the court session on Thursday about the value of Eric Trump's family's Westchester County golf club, N.Y. He wanted to prove that Eric Trump ignored an independent appraisal when telling an employee how much the property was worth.

Mr. Trump denied that he gave much attention to appraisers, even though Mr. Amer showed several emails where he had written an appraiser in relation to appraisals.

Trump, who sounded irritated, said: 'I am an operator. I am a construction guy. I build projects. I do not focus on appraisals.

The contrast between his demeanor and that of his brother was striking.

Mr. Amer appeared to believe he was in the driving seat. He told the courtroom in the final moments of the trial that Eric Trump's testimonies were 'great', and "favorable for our case."