Travelcamp RV opens Memphis location on Covington Pike

The Memphis location is one of 15 Travelcamps, and is the company's third recent opening. The business is based largely in the Southeast.

Travelcamp RV opens Memphis location on Covington Pike

Travelcamp RV opened its Memphis location at 2471 Covington Pike, which used to be Keras Car Central.

John Blanton said that the Travelcamp RV property was a perfect fit for their business.

He said that a lot of the time, when you acquire a site, you get a building which was once a Harley-Davidson dealership or a car dealer. It's sometimes logical to buy a building that was previously a Harley-Davidson [dealership] or formerly occupied by a car dealership.

Memphis is one of Travelcamp's 15 locations and the third location to open in recent months. This business is mostly based in the Southeast.

Blanton stated that they plan to grow the business by adding stores, but their ultimate goal is 24 locations.

Blanton explained that Travelcamp's rapid growth was due in part to the pandemic.

The industry boomed during COVID. "RVing is one of the safest things you can do," he said. There was some concern about the safety of hotels. In an RV you can get outside in the fresh air. Our business was certainly boosted by COVID. Absolutely."

Salem Hassan founded Travelcamp in Jacksonville, Florida in 2014. Salem Hassan's father, who ran Suncoast RV, was also in the business.

Travelcamp's average location has 18,000 square foot and 15 to 20 staff. The company sells motorhomes, travel-trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers as well as tents and truck campers. It also provides consignment. The Memphis location offers 90 units.

Blanton stated that while the average RV costs about $35,000, there are RVs up to $300,000.

He said that they have an open floor plan with TVs. "They are a smaller portion of our product mix because most people are not buying $300,000 RVs."

He also pointed out that RV owners tend to be younger.

Our average customer used to be 50 years old. Today, the average buyer is 40 years old. There are still the 50- and 60-year olds, who may be about to retire. "But a lot younger people have taken to RV life," he said.

Travelcamps allow customers to test drive RVs and give them tips on driving. Blanton recommends that RV owners first map out RV parks and make short trips.

Blanton stated that Tennessee would be a great place to establish Travelcamp's flag.