Tesla Under Legal Scrutiny: Lawsuit Arises Following Tragic Model 3 Crash

The plaintiff sued Tesla for selling an unsafe car.

Tesla Under Legal Scrutiny: Lawsuit Arises Following Tragic Model 3 Crash

Quincy Cahilig

, Tech Times

21 August 2023 at 11:08 am

Tesla is being sued over a car crash that killed a man in New York. Tesla is being sued for a New York car accident that resulted in the death of a man. Jiyoung Yoon has filed a suit against an electric vehicle manufacturer after her husband Jyung Woo Hahn tragically passed away in an accident. The accident happened on the Palisades Interstate Parkway in Rockland County in New York in March 2022.

Yoon claims that her husband’s 2020 Tesla Model 3 malfunctioned and caught on fire.

Court documents obtained

TMZ. Documents state that Hahn survived the first accident but was trapped in the car. He then died of the fire.

According to the plaintiff the Tesla Model 3 is excessively dangerous for its intended use due to incorrect manufacturing, design and warnings. Yoon has filed a lawsuit for damages, and requested a jury trial.

Tesla has yet to respond to these allegations as of this reporting.

US auto safety regulators began an investigation in July into a fatal 2013 Subaru Impreza/Tesla Model 3 accident. The accident, which occurred in South Lake Tahoe, California while the Tesla Model 3 was allegedly being driven, is under investigation.

The car was in the self-driving modes

According to an Opoyi report, the Subaru driver was killed along with a baby of three months.

Tesla owners filed a separate suit against the electric car manufacturer for misleadingly representing their product's range. In a class-action lawsuit, Tesla is accused of marketing its SUVs and sedans using exaggerated ranges. Plaintiffs sought hidden damages and an order from the court to stop Tesla misrepresenting its vehicle capacities.

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Tech Times reported recently that several Tesla owners have expressed safety concerns following being st

They suck in their cars

Due to power outages. Tesla driver claims that the system in his car told him to turn off before it lost power. The glass of the driver's door was broken while opening it. This made the situation worse.

Tesla owners have reported a typical battery drain, while others experienced sudden and unexpected shutdowns that trapped them inside their electric vehicles. Many Tesla owners reported having difficulty finding the manual release of their doors because it was not clearly labeled.

Tesla's high-range performance remains despite controversy

Tesla is still considered a leader by automotive professionals in the field of electric cars despite legal issues and controversy. The Washington Post reported that four Tesla cars were among the top ten.

Top 10 longest-range electric

Car and Driver has announced its top electric cars for 2023, showing the company's commitment to improving the technology of electric vehicles.

As the legal battles progress, the impact of Tesla's image and the outcome of these lawsuits will be significant on the electric vehicle sector.

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