Tesla's 1st electric pickup has rolled off the assembly line, company says

Tesla's 1st electric pickup has rolled off the assembly line, company says

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On Saturday, the company posted a picture of dozens of workers wearing yellow vests and helmets surrounding a truck.

Tesla tweeted a cowboy-hat wearing emoji. Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, retweeted this post.

Tesla announced that it would begin production in late 2021. Musk revealed the truck at the end of 2019. Tesla has warned, however, that the production will start slowly and with fewer vehicles than its other models.

The Cybertruck is unlike any traditional pickup truck. Its stainless steel body, which Tesla calls its exoskeleton, has a wedge-shaped shape. Analysts have dismissed it as a niche item that will not appeal to a wide audience.

He said, as with new products in general, the production would begin slowly and then increase.

He said that it takes time to start the production line. "This is a really radical product." It's made differently than other cars. "Let's take a look."

Musk's expletive was uttered when the truck's unveiling in 2019 went off track when a window, which was touted to be unbreakable, was spider-cracked by a large metal ball.

Tesla initially said that it would produce three different versions of the truck ranging in price from $40,000 to $75,000 The company later removed the prices from the page that allowed customers to decide whether they wanted to spend $100 on an order.

Rivian Automotive and Ford F-150 Lightning are two of the competitors who have entered the electric truck market. Both trucks look like conventional pick-ups.

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