TCI Wealth Advisors Inc. Sells 3,051 Shares of Intel Co. (NASDAQ:INTC)

and Exchange Commission (SEC). The firm owned 102,311 shares of the chip maker’s stock after selling 16,811 shares during the period. TCI Wealth Advisors Inc. lowered its holdings in Intel Co. (NASDAQ:INTC Free Report) by 14.1% in the first quarter, according to the company in its most recent

According to the latest Form 13F filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the stock of the chip maker fell 14.1% during the first quarter. The institution investor held 18,661 of the stock of the chipmaker after selling 3,051 during the period. TCI Wealth Advisors Inc. held Intel stock worth $610,000 at the time of its latest filing with Securities and Exchange Commission.

Other hedge funds also increased or decreased their stakes in Intel. Adams Wealth Management increased its Intel holdings by 33.4% in the first quarter. Adams Wealth Management owns 22,080 of the chipmaker's stock, worth $721,000, after buying an additional 5,524 during the last quarter. Cole Advisors Inc. owns now 77,970 of the chipmaker's stock valued at $2,547,000, after purchasing 6,621 additional shares during the previous quarter. Liberty Wealth Management LLC purchased a new Intel position valued at $506,000 in the first quarter. Forza Wealth Management LLC increased its Intel holdings by 11.8% during the first quarter. Forza Wealth Management LLC owns 40 315 shares of Intel's stock, valued at $1 317,000, after adding 4,259 more shares during the last quarter. During trading hours, the price of the stock rose $0.19 to $34.55. The trading volume was 56,138.543 shares compared to the average of 44,506.828. Intel Co.'s low for the past year is $24.59, and its high for that year is $40.12. The company has a 50-day simple moving median of $32.67, and a 200-day simple moving medium of $30.46. The debt-to equity ratio for the company is 0.49. Its current ratio is 1.76, and its quick ratio is 1.29. The company has a $144.11 billion market cap, a PE of -50.81, and a beta value of 0.87.

The last time ) released its quarterly earnings was on Thursday, April 27, 2018. The chipmaker reported ($0.04) in earnings per share for the quarter. This was $0.12 higher than analysts' expectations of ($0.16). Revenue for the quarter was $11.72 billion, which is higher than analysts' estimates of $11.13billion. Intel's return on equity was positive at 3.06%, but its net margin was negative at 5.06%. Revenue for the quarter fell 36.2% from the same period last year. In the same time period last year, the company earned $0.87 per share. Analysts expect Intel Co. to post an average of -0.19 per share earnings for the current fiscal.

Intel Dividend Announcement

Recently, the company declared a quarter dividend that will be paid out on Friday, 1st September. Dividends will be paid to shareholders who were registered on August 7th. This is a $0.50 dividend with a yield 1.45%. Intel's current payout ratio is -73.53%.

Wall Street analysts forecast growth

INTC was the subject of many analyst reports. Sanford C. Bernstein upgraded Intel's rating from 'underperform to market perform' and raised their price target for the company to $30.00 from $20.00 in a Monday, April 3rd report. In a Thursday research note, Rosenblatt Securities reiterated its'sell rating' and set a price target of $17.00 for shares of Intel. Morgan Stanley raised their price target for Intel from $31.00 up to $38.00 in a Friday, June 16th research note. The company was also given an 'equal-weight' rating. Credit Suisse Group's research note published on March 30th set Intel's price target at $25.00. Wolfe Research began covering Intel in its research report published on Wednesday, 19th July. The stock was given an 'underperform rating' and a price target of $27.00. Eight investment analysts have given the stock a sell recommendation, 20 have given a hold recommendation and five have given a buy recommendation. According to the stock has an average rating 'Hold' with an average price target of $30.75.

Insider Activities

In a single transaction, on May 1, 2008, 8,200 shares were purchased. Stock was purchased at a price of $30.41 on average per share for a transaction totaling $249,362.00. The chief executive now owns 138 265 shares worth $4,204 638.65. Corp Intel, a major shareholder, sold 38,500,000 of its shares in a deal that took place on Monday, 12th June. The stock was bought at an average of $40.84 for a value of $1.572,340,000.00. Patrick P. Gelsinger, the CEO of the company, also bought 8,200 shares in a deal that took place on Monday, 1st May. Stock was bought at a price of $30.41 on average per share for a transaction totaling $249,362.00. After the transaction was completed, the CEO now owns directly 138,265 of the company's shares, valued at $4,204.638.55. Insiders hold 0.04% the stock of the company.


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