Sudan's Paramilitary RSF Agrees to 72-Hour Truce on Humanitarian Grounds

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CAIRO (Reuters), Sudan's paramilitary Rapid Support Forces said they had agreed to a two-week humanitarian truce, which will begin at 6 a.m. (0400 GMT), Friday. This could be a respite for a six-day conflict between the Sudanese Army and RSF.

The RSF released a statement saying that the truce was timed to coincide with the Muslim holiday Eid Al-Fitr. This would allow citizens to be evacuated and to have the chance to see their families.

The RSF claimed it had to take "self-defense measures" in order to defeat what it called a coup, and that it was committed to an "absolute ceasefire" throughout the armistice.

The Sudanese Army has not yet commented.

In the violent power battle that broke out between two previously allies of Sudan's ruling military coup, more than 330 deaths have occurred.

The army and RSF have fought fierce battles in and around Khartoum, one of Africa's biggest urban areas. They also fought in Darfur which is still scarred from a three-year-old conflict.