Begins Coverage on Peoples Bancorp (NASDAQ:PEBO)

In a research report that was sent out to investors Thursday morning. The firm gave the stock of the bank a Hold rating.

PEBO has also been the subject of recent commentary from other brokerages. Janney Montgomery Scott began covering shares of Peoples Bancorp on Thursday, 14th April in a research report. They gave the stock a neutral ranking and set a price target of $28.00. Keefe, Bruyette & Woods reduced their target price for shares of Peoples Bancorp, from $32.00 down to $31.00, and assigned a rating of market perform in a research report on Thursday, the 6th. Seven analysts have given the stock a hold rating, and one analyst has given the stock a buy rating. Trading on Thursday saw a decline of $0.33, bringing the price to $24.76. Stock of the company traded 161,712 share compared to an average of 181,957. The company's 50-day average is $25.45, and its 200-day average is $28.02. Peoples Bancorp's 12 month low is $23.05, and its 12 month high is $32.24 The company's debt-to equity ratio is 0.12; its current ratio is 0.76, and its quick ratio 0.76. The company has a $705.41-million market cap, a P/E ratio of 6.67, and a beta value of 0.79.

Peoples Bancorp increases dividend

Recently, the business announced a quarterly distribution that will be paid out on Monday, 22nd May. Dividends will be paid to shareholders who were in the record books on Monday, 8th May. This represents a significant increase from the $0.38 quarterly dividend paid by Peoples Bancorp in the past. On an annualized base, this represents a dividend of $1.56 and a yield 6.30%. Ex-dividend day is Friday, 5th May. Dividend payout ratio (DPR), or the amount of dividends paid out by Peoples Bancorp, is 42.0%.

Peoples Bancorp: Insiders' Buying and selling

Susan D. Rector, a director at Peoples Bancorp, bought 2,100 shares in the company's stock on Friday, 10th March. Stock was bought at a cost of $28.53 a share with a value of $59.13. After the completion of the purchase, the director owns 21,101 company shares, worth approximately $602,011.53. Susan D. Rector, the director of the company, acquired 2,995 stock shares in a transaction that took place on Thursday, 4th May. Stock was purchased at an average price of $25.04 per stock, for a total of $74,994.80. After the completion of this purchase, the director owns 24,096 of the company's shares, worth $603,363.84. Susan D. Rector, the director of the company, also acquired 2,100 shares in a deal that took place on Friday, 10th March. The shares were bought at an average price of $28.53 each, for a total of $59,913.00. After the purchase was completed, the director owns directly 21,101 shares in the company, worth $602,011.53. Insiders bought a total 6,195 shares valued at $162.738 worth of stock in the company over the past three months. Corporate insiders own 2.36%.

Inflows of Institutional Capital and Outflows

Hedge funds and institutional investors have bought and sold the shares of this company recently. Susquehanna International Group LLP bought a stake in Peoples Bancorp worth approximately $1,827,000 in the first quarter. Jane Street Group LLC acquired a new stake of about $265,000. State Street Corp increased its stake in Peoples Bancorp shares by 15.4% in the first quarter. State Street Corp owns 826138 shares of Peoples Bancorp stock, valued at $21,270,000, after purchasing 110,171 additional shares in the last quarter. First Trust Advisors LP increased its holdings in Peoples Bancorp shares by 14.7% during first quarter. First Trust Advisors LP owns 68.829 shares worth $1.772,000, after purchasing an additional 8.825 shares in the last quarter. Geode Capital Management LLC also increased its shares of Peoples Bancorp during the first three months by 4.2%. Geode Capital Management LLC owns now 556,569 of the bank’s stock, valued at $14.332,000, after adding 22,343 additional shares during the last quarter. 49.73% is owned by hedge fund and institutional investors.

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