Short Interest in Elliott Opportunity II Corp. (NYSE:EOCW) Decreases By 94.6%

() experienced a significant decrease in short-term interest during the month of March. On April 30, there were 200 shares of short interest, which is a decrease by 94.6% compared to the total of 3,700 on April 15. The short-interest rate is currently 0.0 days based on an average daily volume of 139.500 shares.

Elliott Opportunity II: Institutional Trading

Several institutional investors, hedge funds and other financial institutions have recently increased or decreased their stakes in EOCW. Picton Mahoney Asset Management grew its Elliott Opportunity II holdings by 124.6% during the first quarter. Picton Mahoney Asset Management owns 225 288 shares valued at $2 307,000, after purchasing 125,000 additional shares in the last quarter. Mizuho Markets Cayman LP acquired a new position of shares in Elliott Opportunity II valued at approximately $18,090,000. Virtu Financial LLC increased their holdings of Elliott Opportunity II shares by 185.3% during the first quarter. Virtu Financial LLC owns 31,381 of the company stock, worth $321,000, after buying an additional 20,383 during the last quarterly. Shaolin Capital Management LLC acquired a stake in Elliott Opportunity II worth approximately $5,342,000 in the fourth quarter. Captrust Financial Advisors increased its Elliott Opportunity II stake by 67.0% in the fourth quarter. Captrust Financial Advisors owns 20,696 of the company’s shares valued at $209,000, after purchasing an additional 8,300 during the last quarter. Trading hours were held on Wednesday and the stock reached $10.29. Stock of the company traded 262 shares compared to an average of 215,806. The company has a moving average of $10.24 for the past 50 days and $10.12 for the last two hundred days. Elliott Opportunity II's 12-month low is $9.67, and its 12-month high is $10.40.

Elliott Opportunity II Company profile

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Elliott Opportunity II Corp. has no significant operations. It plans to carry out a merger, capital-share exchange, asset purchase, share purchase or reorganization with one or several businesses or assets within the technology sector. The company was founded in 2021 in West Palm Beach in Florida. offers a FREE daily email newsletter