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Welcome to the first real trading week of 2024

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Welcome to the first trading week of the year. Last week saw lower trading volume as investors enjoyed the final days of their winter vacations, resulting in major indexes swinging up and down. This upcoming week, Wall Street is expected to be more decisive, with the release of the December Consumer Price Index and the kickoff of the fourth-quarter earnings season. Additionally, JPMorgan’s healthcare conference and the CES tech event will drive headlines. A chief economist predicts that the increased productivity and improving labor market will lead to a lower inflation rate by the end of the year. Investors are waiting for the CPI report to determine market actions and anticipate an improvement in bank earnings. Short sellers lost $12.2 billion betting against Tesla shares last year—the highest loss for any company. Boeing’s stock is down following an emergency landing by an Alaska Airlines flight, which adds to the ongoing safety concerns surrounding the aircraft manufacturer.