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South Carolina GOP voters choose between presidential candidates Nikki Haley and Donald Trump

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South Carolina’s Republican primary is ongoing, with one candidate holding a significant lead over the other in her home state. The top concerns for South Carolinian voters are immigration and the economy, which align with national trends. Despite the outcome of the South Carolina primary, the candidate vows to stay in the presidential race until Super Tuesday. South Carolina holds an open primary, allowing voters from any party to participate. The candidate with the strongest support in South Carolina’s GOP voters is also endorsed by local GOP chapters, the Governor, and other lawmakers in the state. Immigration and the economy are the key issues for voters. The leading candidate has emphasized immigration policies, while the opponent has pledged to defund sanctuary cities and prioritize border security. South Carolina’s economy has seen improvement under the current administration, with a decrease in unemployment and job creation in the electric vehicle industry. Both candidates have criticized Biden’s economic policies, aiming to crack down on trade with China and implement tax cuts.