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Middle East Crisis: Biden Sharpens Criticism of Israel, Calling Gaza Response ‘Over the Top'

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President Biden criticized Israel’s military operations in Gaza during a press conference on Thursday. He called the actions “over the top” and expressed his concern for the suffering of innocent people. Biden has been pushing for humanitarian assistance in Gaza, highlighting the desperate plight of the civilian population. He also mentioned his efforts to convince the leaders of Egypt and Israel to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. Biden’s comments reflect his frustration with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his desire for Israel to exercise more caution in avoiding civilian casualties. The president is under pressure from the progressive wing of his party to rein in Netanyahu, while the Israeli leader is resisting calls for a two-state solution. Hamas recently proposed a deal to end the war, which was rejected by Netanyahu. However, Israeli officials indicated that they are still open to negotiation and the return of hostages held by Hamas. Intelligence officials informed Congress that Israel has weakened Hamas’s capabilities but has not eliminated the group entirely.