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Kam Ghaffarian's Moonshots

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Much of the American space program is run from offices in the Washington, D.C., suburbs. On an auspicious day, a billionaire space entrepreneur was found in one of these nondescript offices. Exactly 47 years before, he had immigrated to the United States from Iran. The entrepreneur, 66, sat at a table made of white onyx imported from Iran. He believes in the importance of meditating to connect with the energy in the universe, which he has done daily for decades. His company recently attempted to softly land on the moon, becoming the first private organization to do so. The entrepreneur specializes in moonshots and has several companies in the fields of space stations, nuclear reactors, venture funding, and faster-than-light travel. His companies have played a crucial role in the partnership between NASA and private industry, utilizing reusable rockets to commercialize space activities.