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Even with food prices flattening out, the cost of dining out is still going up

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Grocery prices remained unchanged in May after a slight decrease the previous month. However, menu prices continued to rise, particularly at sit-down restaurants where they increased by 0.4% from April to May. Limited service spots, including fast casual and fast food joints, saw a smaller increase of 0.2%. Over the course of a year, grocery prices rose by 1%, while menu prices at sit-down restaurants increased by 3.5%, and by 4.5% at limited-service restaurants. The rising prices, especially in fast food, have led to customer complaints and decreased spending. Despite the backlash, restaurant chains have continued to raise menu prices. Conversely, grocery prices have seen a welcome moderation after months of increases. Some items have even become cheaper, such as apples and potatoes, while others, like beef and bacon, have become more expensive.