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Alex Jones Seeks to Liquidate His Assets to Pay Damages to Sandy Hook Families

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The Infowars conspiracy theorist is seeking permission from a bankruptcy court to liquidate personal assets and deliver the proceeds to the Sandy Hook families who are owed more than $1.4 billion in damages for lies about the 2012 school shooting. The individual also filed a separate bankruptcy for their company, and a judge is to rule whether the company will be liquidated. That would shutter Infowars, placing assets from Infowars’ studios and potentially popular social media accounts in control of the families. Silencing the individual, who has broadcast lies ranging from denying the Sandy Hook shooting to denying the results of the 2020 election, would be a win for the families. For too long, the individual has profited from lies and fear peddled on their corrupt business platform. The families are on the brink of stripping them of the ability to inflict harm. The financial outcome for the families is uncertain. It will likely be years before they receive any meaningful share of the financial damages they won. The personal and company financial assets combined are worth significantly less than the damages awarded to the families.