Pepperdine Graziadio Business School's Most Fundable Companies of 2023 Presented by the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship

Presented by the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship

Pepperdine Graziadio Business School's Most Fundable Companies of 2023 Presented by the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship

The Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship presents the 2023 Pepperdine Graziadio Business School Most Fundable Company(r). More than 3,000 US early-stage startups from all 50 states competed to be included on our list in our sixth year. The 17 winners were selected based on a number of factors, including their financial projections and market potential, as well as their intellectual property, competitive edge, team management expertise, and other variables. Our program, which is a free tool for startups seeking to raise capital and accelerate innovation in industries and communities, educates founders about investor diligence and provides crucial business assessments. We at Pepperdine Graziadio believe that creating purpose-driven leaders requires connecting early-stage businesses with the resources they need to positively impact the market. Graziadio is committed to supporting aspiring entrepreneurs. Our assessment of the Most Fundable companies provides valuable insight on how businesses appear to top investors, resulting in positive outcomes for all stakeholders.


AGED (Active Genomes Expressed) Diagnostics Corp.

Bethesda is the location.
Industry: Biotechnology

AGED Diagnostics has developed the first accurate blood tests for fatty liver to help in early detection, interventions, and improved outcomes.

Valqari, LLC

Drone Software Technology Industry

Valqari is at the forefront of drone delivery with its secure, automated end-to-end solutions. AI-enabled software that is agnostic and customizable allows for scaling of advanced capabilities.

ViCardia Therapeutics, Inc.

Founding members: Michael Kokesh Dr. Ahvie Herzskowitz Dr. Thilo Berghoffer John Callaghan
Location: San Francisco, CA
Industry: Biotechnology

ViCardia GP-531, a treatment of first-class for acute heart failure - the cardiovascular epidemic in the 21st century - is a ViCardia product. GP-531 increases healthspan for a longer lifespan.


AllSides Technologies, Inc.

Software Technology Industry

AllSides addresses a global crisis in credibility by addressing bias, misinformation and social divides. It revitalizes news media, schools and workplaces, as well as democratic societies around the world.

Franklin Junction, Inc.

Software Technology Industry

Franklin Junction, a platform of eCommerce technology for restaurants, allows them to generate high margin revenue incremental in less than 30 day.

Making Space (Zetta, Inc.)

Software Technology Industry

Making Space is an online platform for talent acquisition, which offers accessible education and prequalifies candidates. It also helps companies to access underrepresented talent through data-driven profiles.

NuvOx Pharma, LLC

Hypoxia (lack of oxygen) is a cause of death and morbidity. After a simple IV injection, the NanO2TM product restores oxygen levels safely. NuvOx Pharma advanced clinical trials by leveraging nondilutive funds.

SeeMedX, Inc.

Medical Technology

SeeMedX can detect heart failure up to 72 hours before it occurs. We can replace expensive and dangerous surgeries with a 5-minute, noninvasive scan.


Alyve Medical, Inc.

Founders: Yvonne Bokelman, Matteo Mantovani, John Winslow
Location: Denver, CO
Industry: Biotechnology

Alyve Medical’s innovative technologies transform musculoskeletal treatment and rehabilitation by using advanced sensors and proprietary algorithms. Biofeedback is also used to revolutionize the treatment.

Data Safeguard, Inc.

Software Technology Industry

Data Safeguard is a tool that helps businesses comply with data privacy laws and avoid financial losses due to fraud.

iCover, LLC

Software Technology Industry

iCover created the best experience for buying life insurance by creating the fastest eApp on the market, powered by AI.

Ready. Set. Food! (Prollergy Corp.)

Founders: Daniel Zakowski, Katie Marks-Cogan, Andrew Leitner
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Industry: Consumer Products


RemotelyMe is a service provided by Aretanium Executive Group, Inc.

Software Technology Industry

RemotelyMe is a solution to a $9T workforce issue with generative AI and visual neuroscience. It also includes a ChatGPT LinkedIn application. We have an experienced team, customers, revenue and CxO board advisers.


Novuson Surgical, Inc.

Location: Bothell
Industry: Biotechnology

Novuson has created the first Direct Therapeutic Ultrasound (DTU) surgical instrument for robotics, minimally invasive surgery, and other surgical specialties.

OneFul Health, Inc.

OneFul Health’s patented robots create personalized “polypills” combining three to seven FDA approved pharmaceuticals in a single capsule, or packet that matches a doctor’s prescription, optimized for your genomics.

Opus Medical Therapies, LLC

Location: Smyrna (GA)
Industry: Biotechnology

Opus Medical Therapies is developing a novel, safe and simple transcatheter replacement system for the mitral and tricuspid valves.

WedFun, Inc.

Location: Manhattan Beach
Industry: Media & E-commerce

WedFun is an app that combines a wedding planning platform with a streaming channel. It was created by the same team who built MTV.

The Methodology We Use

Our scoring system provides objective and personalized feedback on all startup submissions to help improve their readiness for funding. About 100 companies are invited to the semi-finals where they will complete a qualitative evaluation that is more detailed to refine and verify their scores. A review panel selects and interviews the winners during the final stages. You can view all the list winners and semifinalists at our website.

Disclaimer: The Pepperdine Most Fundable Companies List is not an offer to buy securities. This list does not represent investment advice or an endorsement of a particular product or service. Pepperdine University does not act as a broker dealer and it does not provide services that a broker dealer would normally perform, such as financial or investment advice.