McDonald's is adding two new sauces

McDonald's is spicing up its sauces.

McDonald's is adding two new sauces

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McDonald's has spiced up its sauces.

Starting October 9, the fast-food chain will add two new dipping sabayons to its limited-time menu. These sauces join its six existing sauces, including barbecue, ranch, and sweet and sour.

McDonald's has announced the addition of a sweet-spicy sauce. The release describes it as a "jammy sauce with red peppers, a Szechuan peppercorn kick that will numb your tongue and cayenne pepper for extra heat." This is the first dipping sauce 'inspired by breakfast' to be offered in its US restaurants.

The second sauce is called'mambo', which is a sweet, spicy, and vinegary tomato-based sauce. It's a sauce popular in Washington, DC. In 2021, KFC briefly offered a mambo-style sauce in some of their locations. The chicken chain described it as'synonymous' with Black DC cuisine since its inception in the 1950s.

Dipping sauces are another way that the company hopes to keep it simple and still get customers excited. McDonald's brought its Szechuan Sauce back for a limited period last year. Some celebrity meals came with rebranded dipping sauces or those that were previously available only in certain regions.

McDonald's US restaurants open for at least 13 months saw sales increase 10.3% during the quarter ending on June 30. McDonald's reports growth in US traffic, while other chains are struggling to attract more customers.

McDonald's has partnered with chefs and influencers in order to showcase the many combinations that the new sauces are compatible with. McDonald's suggests pairing the new sweet and sour sauce with its sausage McMuffins with egg, or chicken McNuggets.

In a press release, Tariq Hassan said, "We find inspiration by exploring the amazing tastes and flavors that are found in communities all across the United States."

McDonald's offered its Big Mac Sauce for a limited period of time earlier this year. This was in response to the announcement that McDonald's would be adding more sauce to their Big Mac sandwiches, as part of an overall menu revamp.