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Manufacturing News: Industry and Construction News

The authors of a recent study claim that communities may still be at risk, despite proposed limits for PFAS.

A soap-and-fragrance company launches a search for a replacement, with the help of an executive-search agency, after the company announced the impending departure of Finance Chief Wendy Arlin.

Jim Ratcliffe, a chemical tycoon and fan of 'bonkers ideas' is launching a SUV in Texas and getting involved with fracking.

PFAS chemicals have been used for over 70 years in consumer and industrial products because they are resistant to water, grease, and stains, and can put out fires.

This move reflects the growing concern about the health effects of PFAS which has contaminated water in hundreds of communities.

Exposure to PFAS has been associated with high cholesterol levels and a higher risk of kidney cancer.

In one of the largest leveraged buyouts in recent history, Apollo Global Management acquired chemical company Univar Solutions at a price of $8.1 billion (including debt).

He fled Nazi Germany, and later became a corporate chemical expert with expertise in polyurethane and flammability reduction. He spoke often about the Holocaust experience of his family.

The Boston buyout legend has fallen behind his early counterparts, including Stephen Schwarzman & Henry Kravis.

The shortage of farm-bred primate species is contributing to the poaching problem and harming biomedical development and research.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the state's industrial area is often referred to by the nickname 'Cancer Alley.' This is because the residents of this area are at a higher risk for cancer.

The activist investor disclosed his stake in the company of over 6% for the first time in December.

After the derailment, Norfolk Southern's environmental credentials, community relations and labor practices have been criticized. Its ESG aggregate score also fell by about 3 points.

Ineos, a British chemical company, is expected to sign its first deal in the upstream oil and gas sector of the United States. Chesapeake is increasing its focus on natural gas production.

Packers Sanitation Services was fined $1.5 million after the Labor Department found that it had illegally hired minors aged between 13 and 17 years old to work overnight and use caustic cleaning chemicals.

A derailed train in East Palestine (Ohio) caught fire, spilling hazardous chemicals on the ground. They were then released into the air.

More than a week following the derailment of the train, chemical odors are still circulating through East Palestine, Ohio. Residents want to know more about the chemicals that were leaked.

Dan Neil writes that the Grenadier, a 4x4 designed for tough terrains first and foremost, compromises performance on asphalt.

Chemours CEO says that PFAS chemicals are necessary for semiconductor production and can be produced responsibly.

The train, which was carrying hazardous chemicals, appeared to be on fire for miles before it crashed in eastern Ohio.