Mall of America sues to evict Dairy Queen franchise

Mall of America sues to evict Dairy Queen franchise

The Mall of America has taken steps to remove the owner of the Mall's one Dairy Queen.

The mall claimed that Non-Typical Cos. Inc. a Dairy Queen franchisee, had fallen $74,854 in arrears and not paid rent for the past six months.

According to the lawsuit, Non-Typical Cos. and the mall entered into a lease agreement on June 8, 2018 for Non-Typical Cos. To operate a Dairy Queen Franchise at Suite E282 of the mall.

Dairy Queen is a franchise at the Mall of America, and has been since 1992. However, it's not clear if this franchise has remained with the same owner.

ProPublica data shows that Ronald Hendrickson is the CEO of Non-Typical Cos. The company received $58,842 Paycheck Protection Program (commonly referred to as PPP) loans in 2021. All loans have been forgiven since then.

Hendrickson was not available for comment on Wednesday morning.

Heidi Bassett of Larkin Hoffman represents the Mall of America. She could not be reached to comment.

The mall has been suing nearly 20 tenants over rent disputes since the fall of 2020. The amount that the mall is seeking in the Dairy Queen suit is small in comparison to its previous suits. It was awarded over $5.5 million against The Void in one of those earlier cases, though The Void took up a lot more room than a Dairy Queen.