‘It Was Not Love at First Sight'

Samantha Weinstein and Philip Della Noce were friends for a few years before they became romantic.

‘It Was Not Love at First Sight'

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Mr. Della Noce is a senior analyst at Situation Group. He grew up in Philadelphia. He holds a M.B.A. degree from Syracuse University.

Under the pretense of celebrating a friend's 50th birthday, Mr. Della Noce made his proposal in Fort Tryon Park on June 1, 2021.

The couple is attached to this park. The couple lives nearby and has walked the park hundreds of times. Ms. Weinstein stated, "We had many conversations in that park about our future and getting married someday."

The couple was married on March 25, at the Park Savoy Estate, in Florham Park. Ms. Weinstein, a Jew, and Mr. Della Noce, a Catholic, had the Rev. Bill Buete was the officiant, and Rabbi Dennis Tobin from Chavurah temple Beth El in Co-Op City, Bronx, participated in the interfaith service.

The couple asked that all 140 of their guests receive vaccinations and recommended Covid tests prior to attending.

The merging of traditions was successful, and the inclusion of the families was also successful. However, Mr. Della Noce did not enjoy one tradition of the reception: being lifted in the air on a chair for the hora. Mr. Della Noce stated, "I was horafied."