‘I Noticed a Man Sitting Across the Room in a Booth'

In this week's Metropolitan Diary, readers share tales of their busy layovers in Manhattan and good seats for concerts.

‘I Noticed a Man Sitting Across the Room in a Booth'

New Ski Hat

Dear Diary:

I was riding the No. I was taking the No. It was crowded but I got a seat inside a warm car.

The car was entertained by a singer for a few stops and I got out at 66th street. As I approached the rotating exit gate, my ski hat was in my hand.

Where was my new, sleek, thin, warm hat? I realized that I had put it on my lap, not in my pocket. Rookie mistake.

As the doors closed, I ran back to the train. A train operator was behind a window facing me. I exaggerated my movements to get her attention. My hat - I left it!

She opened the door with a mixture of pity, and impatience. The passengers looked at me impatiently. Before I stepped back into the car, I hesitated. I was afraid the doors would shut behind me.

I noticed my hat lying on the floor right in front of me. I called, but the person seated there was wearing headphones so couldn't hear.

The headphone guy was alerted by another passenger who saw me and the hat. He grabbed it and threw it at me.