Global Self Storage, Inc. (NASDAQ:SELF) Sees Significant Growth in Short Interest

() experienced a significant increase in short interest during the month of March. On April 30, there were 6,500 shorted shares. This is a 54.8% increase from April 15th's total of 4,200. The short-interest rate is currently 0.2 days based on a daily average trading volume of 26,200 shares.

Wall Street analysts forecast growth

Separately EF Hutton Acquisition Co. Recently, institutional investors changed their holdings in the company. LSV Asset Management purchased a stake in Global Self Storage during the fourth quarter worth approximately $43,000. Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc. purchased a new stake of about $60,000 in Global Self Storage at the end of the fourth quarter. James Investment Research Inc. increased its holdings of Global Self Storage by 47.1% in the third quarter. James Investment Research Inc. owns now 12,500 shares worth $73,000 of the stock of the financial services provider after purchasing an additional 4,000 in the last quarter. Symphony Financial Ltd. Co. purchased a new stake of Global Self Storage in the first quarter, worth approximately $79,000. Financial Advocates Investment Management purchased a stake in Global Self Storage worth approximately $88,000 during the fourth-quarter. Institutional investors own 32.27%.

Global Self Storage Stock Performance

The price of the stock rose $0.01 to $5.12 at midday on Thursday. The company's shares were traded at a volume of 20,358 compared to the average of 26,313. The fifty-day moving price of the stock is $5.17, and its 200 day moving price is also $5.14. The market cap is $57.06 millions, the PE ratio is 26.95, and beta is 0.21. Global Self Storage's low for the past year was $4.75, and its high for that same period was $7.36.

Global Self Storage Announces Dividend

A quarterly dividend was also declared by the company and paid out on Friday 31st March. The $0.072 was paid to stockholders who were registered on March 15th. This dividend became payable on Tuesday, March 14. The dividend yield is 5.63%. This dividend represents $0.29 on an annualized base. Global Self Storage has a dividend payout ratio of 152.63%.

Global Self Storage Company profile

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Global Self Storage, Inc. operates as an investment trust. It is involved in the acquisition, operation, management and redevelopment of self storage properties. The company offers outdoor, personal parking, climate-controlled, wine and business storage. The company was established on September 1, 1984 and has its headquarters in Millbrook, NY. offers a FREE daily email newsletter