Essentra plc (OTCMKTS:FLRAF) Sees Large Growth in Short Interest

the March 15th total of 55,200 shares. The number of Essentra plc shares shorted increased 128.5% in the month of March.

() experienced a significant increase in short interest during the month of march. On March 31, there were 125,700 short shares. This is a 128.5% increase from the total of 55,00 shares on March 15. The days-to-cover is 104.8 days based on an average daily share volume of 1,200.

Analysts set new price targets

The price of Essentra remained unchanged at $2.55 in the mid-day session on Monday. Essentra's 1 year low is $2.45, and its 1 year high is $2.75. The company has a moving average for the past 50 days of $2.76, and a moving average for the last two hundred days of $2.86.

Essentra Company Profile

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Essentra plc offers essential components and solutions around the world. The Components division produces and distributes plastic, vinyl, dip-molded and metal products for the equipment manufacturing, automotive and fabrication industries, electronics and construction industries, as well as component solutions, including caps and plugs for protection and finish products. offers a FREE daily email newsletter