Essentra (OTCMKTS:FLRAF) Sets New 12-Month Low at $2.25

The stock price of ) reached a 52-week low in mid-day trading Monday. Stock traded as low at $2.25 before closing the day at $2.25 with a volume 0 shares. Stock had closed previously at $2.25.

Analyst Ratings Changes

Recent reports have been released by several research analysts on the company. Royal Bank of Canada began covering Essentra on Tuesday, 23rd May in a research note. The company was given an 'outperform rating'. Berenberg Bank lowered their target price for Essentra in a report published on Thursday, 30th March from GBX 295, ($3.80), to GBX 255, ($3.28). Liberum Capital began covering Essentra on Thursday, April 20, in a report. The average moving price for the business is $2.37 over a period of 50 days. Its average moving price for 200 days is $2.69.


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Essentra plc is a manufacturer and distributor of plastic injection moulded and vinyl dip-moulded components, as well as metal components. The company provides cable ties, conduit and accessories, grommets, strain relievers, blanking plugs, cable glands, caps, plugs, card guides, pullers, circuit board hardware, EMI suppression cores, fan accessories, including filters and fan mounting components, screws, nuts, rivets and panel fasteners, washers, spacers, brushes, fleet, fibre management, and furniture fittings. offers a FREE daily email newsletter