'Equity' And The Race To The Bottom

The American Dream is that all citizens will have an equal opportunity to achieve their goals based on their individual talents and hard work.

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The rallying cry for 'woken' activists in recent years has been 'Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

DEI (often abbreviated as DEI) On the surface, there is no reason to be against such principles. After all, America's founding principles were based on the idea that everyone is created equal. The meaning of words can be changed over time.

Instead of the founders' vision for equal opportunity,

The word equity today is used to denote equal outcomes for everyone

This 'equity program', however well-intentioned it may be, will have terrible consequences.

Kurt Vonnegut, a great 20th century novelist, was one of those who warned of the dangers associated with this view of equity. In 1961, Vonnegut wrote a short story called "

Harrison Bergeron


Vonnegut imagined an ideal society, one with absolute equity. The narrator states that 'nobody was smarter or faster than anyone else' "Nobody was faster or stronger than anyone else."

As Vonnegut shows,

A society that aims to achieve equal outcomes for all its citizens is not an utopia

It is a nightmare. It is only possible to achieve equal results by handicapping everyone to the same level. In the world of "Harrison Bergeron," for example, the government will burden ballerinas with sashweights, bags of birdshot, and other items to prevent them from moving more gracefully than others.

In the current education system, there is a danger that resembles Vonnegut’s dystopia.

The DEI bureaucracies at the university level have become absurdly large and dominate campus life.

Heritage Foundation Report 2021

The University of Michigan had 163 DEI staff, followed by 94 DEI staff at the University of Virginia, 94 DEI staff at Ohio State and 86 DEI personnel at Virginia Tech. Stanford, where Associate Dean for DEI Tirien Steinbach was recently appointed, has 80 DEI employees.

Put on Leave

For provoking an unruly demonstration by confronting the U.S. Circuit Judge who was trying deliver a lecture on campus).

A growing number of K-12 school across the country are implementing this program, including at

Culver High School

In Los Angeles, honors classes have been eliminated to avoid 'perpetuating inequality'. Some proponents of the idea claim that students can still earn an honors "label" by doing extrawork.

Most of the time,

Teachers are slowing down the instruction for all students

As a result, students are being taught to the lowest common denominator instead of being challenged. As one student said recently

Tell them to get on with it

The Wall Street Journal

Some people slow down because they are not doing anything or are not trying harder.

The current DEI regulations, no matter how well-intentioned they may be, encourage this approach, and are handicapping our educational system. The Department of Education, for example, has a number of regulations that are aimed at promoting this approach.

Equity Agency Plan 2022

It even goes as far to link DEI policies to federal funding of local schools. Ideologues who are devoted to 'ensuring equality' are destroying opportunities for America's children.

The American Dream is for all citizens to have equal opportunities to achieve their goals, based on individual talent and hard work.

The Declaration of Independence doesn't guarantee happiness for every citizen. It only guarantees the

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Happiness is a state of mind

The pursuit of modern 'equity,' instead of true equality, is a race down the rabbit hole. The socialist regimes of Russia, Venezuela and Cuba, among others, show that radical equality does not work. America has been more successful than all of these failed experiments, because we adhere to the principle that equality is a right. We can't let this slip away.

It's good to see that parents are taking action against the extreme left.

Parents are saying enough at the polling booth, in school board meetings and even around the dinner table. They don't want to sacrifice academic success for social experiments. They want to see their children become ambitious and educated, not complacent and indoctrinated.

The majority of Americans are pro-equality. We want everyone to have, as much as possible, a level playing field at the start. Each individual is then free to do what they want, based on their abilities and hard work.

The American Dream is to achieve this kind of equality. It's the engine that allows people of all walks of life realize their dreams. As activists advocate, equity trades this American heritage away for abstracts and fantasies. Americans should hold on to the principles of politics that have led us to success and prosperity over nearly 250 years.