Corrections: May 13, 2023

Corrections: May 13, 2023


A Tuesday article about the large health insurers that are purchasing primary care practices and the companies buying them up misrepresented the relationship between Kaiser Permanente and the health plan consortium and its physician groups. Kaiser Permanente stated that it did not own the doctor's groups but had exclusive contracts with them.


A Thursday dance review about the show "Ahuti" with the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, and the Chitrasena Dance Company, misidentified the rhythms in the dance number "Poornarati." The dance is Odissi, and not a mixture of Odissi with Kandyam.


In an article published this weekend, on Page 14, about the Tony-worthy performances selected by our critics, one of them misidentified the actress as being a performer for whom she should have received a nomination for Best Actress for her performance in "Oresteia." Anastasia Hille was the correct actress, and not Lia Williams.

Zina Jawadi was incorrectly referred to as 26 years old in an article published on Tuesday. She is 27 years old, not 26.


A May 7 article about Senator Kyrsten Sinesma incorrectly described the vote to confirm Judge Roopali Dasai. It's not true that her confirmation received more bipartisan support in the past 20 years than any other federal judicial nominee.

The name of Annie Ernaux, the author of the shocking novel Annie Ernaux, was misspelled in an article published on Page 30 on May 7, 2007. It's Duchesne and not Duschene.

T Magazine: Travel

Page 49 of an article about Pablo Barba missidentifies birds in one his paintings. It is sea gulls and not doves.

In an article on Page 58, a mistaken identification of the museum staff who asked Heather Agyepong leave the 'Black Power Naps" installation at MoMA is made. The staff of the museum, not security, was responsible for asking Heather Agyepong to leave the 'Black Power Naps' installation at MoMA.


In an obituary published on Tuesday, Ronald Steel, author of the definitive biography of Walter Lippmann referred to the involvement of Mr. Lippmann with The New Republic incorrectly. He was the founding editor of The New Republic, not its founder.