Corporate citizenship: Slalom

The Low Income Housing Institute has a new way to streamlined registration for volunteer events and the ability to capture crucial data thanks to a technology solution provided by Seattle-based consulting firm Slalom.

Corporate citizenship: Slalom

Slalom brings purpose to all people. The consulting firm's partnership with Low Income Housing Institute shows their focus on compassion, and meeting people where they are.

Jila Javdani is the General Manager at the Seattle-based consultancy group. She said, "With LIHI, it was a natural match for the challenges that they were facing and the expertise Slalom had in solving these challenges." We love to partner with organizations that will benefit from our funding, our expertise, and our time.

LIHI is fortunate to have around 1,000 volunteers who help build tiny houses for people with low incomes and those without a home. Slalom helped implement a Salesforce solution to modernize and consolidate the volunteer program. With only one full-time worker managing it with spreadsheets, Slalom was able to assist. The result was a streamlined registration process for volunteer events, and the ability of capturing crucial data.

Slalom has donated an estimated $30,000.00 in cash to LIHI. The firm also provided $66,500 worth of pro bono services. They continue to support LIHI’s mission. Over 80 Slalom volunteers also stepped up to build half a dozen tiny homes and help maintain LIHI's tiny home communities.

Javdani stated that the LIHI was able to manage better the logistics of the volunteer program as they doubled -- or even tripled -- the number tiny homes built to meet community needs.

Like many other technology transformations we have an extensive backlog of projects we believe will assist LIHI in their mission to develop housing, own it and operate it for low-income and previously unhoused Washington residents. We are looking forward to supporting them in this mission. She said that our teams were always eager to get involved and help LIHI along with their partner Sound Foundations NW build tiny homes.

Slalom's ambitious 2030 goals for engagement in the community are a look ahead. In all markets, Slalom will continue to collaborate with customers and other partners in order to create a sustainable, inclusive and equitable world. The firm will work to increase endowment at the Slalom Foundation up to $100 million so that they can make meaningful grants.

Javdani stated that Slalom’s expansion into the national and international markets has enabled the company to achieve its goals. She stated that the company's focus on its hometown won't wane. We believe that Slalom, one day, will be synonymous with Seattle. This comes with a lot of responsibility, including leadership in our local nonprofits and civic engagement. It also includes using our talents and resources to assist Seattle and the rest of Washington with some of their most pressing issues.