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Consumer Products

Gojo Industries has hired JPMorgan for an analysis of options.

Debra Crew, the London-based producer of Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky and Smirnoff Vodka, will take over from Ivan Menezes in July.

European officials have released proposals to force companies to prove their claims of environmental sustainability and the quality of products they sell.

Howard Schultz, the long-time CEO of Starbucks, retires as he faces questions from shareholders and senators about unionization.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has requested research on possible health hazards related to gas stoves.

The product could contain bacteria that is harmful to people with compromised immune systems.

Information-technology chiefs say competition for talent remains fierce, even as some cut recruitment spending.

Capitol Hill was criticized for comments made earlier this week by the Consumer Product Safety Commission's commissioner.

Children were said to have died from suffocation when they became trapped in the blanket. More than 200,000 items were recalled.

The company recalled 10 500 products after discovering that the base of some products could come off and reveal a lead-containing piece.

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Scientists have found that consumers are less likely than others to purchase products associated with indulgence or pleasure if they are described scientifically.

The CFO of the company says that further price increases are "definitely possible" after the company made a record increase of 12.5% during the third quarter.

After a record-breaking third quarter, the maker of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Dove soap has raised its sales forecast for the full year.

Peloton revealed that the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission informed it last month of its intention to seek penalties for alleged safety failings.

Laxman Nairsimhan worked at McKinsey, PepsiCo and other companies before he was appointed CEO of one of the most recognizable consumer product companies in the world. Reckitt's sales were once stagnant, but he re-energized them during his three years there.

Laxman Nairsimhan was hired by the coffee giant after Howard Schultz, who temporarily led the chain during a period of rising costs, unionization efforts and overseas challenges.

The Environmental Protection Agency has data that suggests only a 2.7% recycling rate.

After more than 40 years with the consumer products company, David Taylor will take on a new role as senior operating advisor.

The company uses bacteria and waste gas to create sustainable chemicals and products, including for Unilever and Coty.

Trian Partners acquired a stake in Ben & Jerry’s, the company that makes ice cream. The British company could prove to be more difficult to break than Procter & Gamble.