Central Pacific Bank releases environmental, social and governance report

The CPB focuses on environmental, social, and governance issues when making decisions.

Central Pacific Bank releases environmental, social and governance report

Central Pacific Bank released its Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022, which contains information about the company's energy-efficiency, workplace diversity, and lending.

CPB President and Chief Executive Officer Arnold Martines stated in a press release that 'our ESG focus is taken into account in all our business and operations decisions, and is incorporated in our strategic plans'. We believe that a good governance system and consideration for environmental issues allows us to serve our communities and people in the state better.

The company's ESG Report highlights that 91% CPB's employees are ethnically diverse. 57% of CPB managers are women. 31% of Central Pacific Financial Board members are women. Two of the five executive committee members are women. CPB reports that the bank will sponsor this year's Honolulu Pride Festival and also sponsored it in 2022. According to an announcement, CPB also provided customers with nearly $100 million of financing last year to install residential photovoltaic system.

CPB has also announced that it will host an Earth Day event where local businesses will share their environmental initiatives. The event will take place from 9 am to 2 pm on April 19, in Tidepools, located on the first-floor of Central Pacific Plaza.