Book That Hotel Room Soon, Travel Is Up; So Is Hilton Stock

Hilton reports a 75% leap in earnings last quarter, to $1.24 per share. Revenue grew 33% to $2.29 billion. Hilton stock is up 30% in a year.

Book That Hotel Room Soon, Travel Is Up; So Is Hilton Stock

Hilton's (HLT) earnings grew from 68% to 1300% in the last four quarters. Sales growth also kept up. Hilton benefits from this trend as consumers and businesspeople are returning to travel. The Relative Strength Rating (RS) for Hilton stock rose from 66 up to 71 on Tuesday.

Hilton Stock Making Gains: Will They Stick Around?

Hilton Stock, which has been upgraded to a 71 RS rating, outperforms 71% of other stocks in terms of price performance. The stock is on the right track, but there's still a long way to go before it can be considered a winner. According to market research, stocks with RS ratings of 80 or higher tend to be the ones that make the most gains when they begin their greatest climbs. Hilton's price may be able to continue to rise and surpass that threshold.

Hilton reported an increase of 75% in its earnings to $1.24 a share. Revenue increased by 33%, to $2.29 Billion. In the previous quarter, it had a 121% increase in earnings on a 33% growth in sales. Hilton stock has a 152.99 price entry. Watch to see if there is a breakout in volume. Hilton eased a fraction to 142.47 on Tuesday.

Hilton has very welcoming ratings

Hilton Stock has a Composite Rating of 77, which puts it in the top quarterile for both fundamental and technical metrics. More work is required; the best stocks have ratings of 90 or higher. The company also has a very strong Earnings per Share Rating of 80, which reflects a large profit increase in the past year. Its D Accumulation/Distribution Rating shows that institutional investors are still selling more shares than buying.

Hilton Stock is ranked No.7 among its peers in the Leisure-Lodging industry group. The Leisure-Lodging Industry Group ranks Hilton stock at No. Marriott International (MAR), Hyatt Hotels(H), and Hyatt Hotels International (H) rank among the highest-rated stocks in this group.

It's crucial to pay attention to the relative strength of prices when researching which stocks are best to watch and buy.

IBD's Relative strength rating is unique in identifying market leadership. It uses a score ranging from 1 (worst), to 99 (best), which indicates how the price movement of a stock over the past 52 weeks compares with all other stocks.