Biden's Suitcase-Stealing They/Them Nuke Waste Klepto Guru Arrested For Being "Fugitive From Justice"

A man is being held on a no-bond status awaiting an extradition hearing.

Brinton's career as a nuclear waste official at Biden Department of Energy crashed when he was twice accused last year of stealing luggage from airports, and then found guilty of both incidents. In October 2022, police charged Brinton with stealing $2,325 worth of luggage from the suitcase carousel in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. Brinton had flown in from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (Washington) on September 16. The lost bag was surprisingly found with my custom-made outfits.

Fox Digital reported that the Energy Department had announced Brinton's departure from the agency in December 2022, but declined to comment further.