Best Places to Work 2023: Forsyth Plastic Surgery

This company would choose a sports mascot that represents it well, such as an injector.

Best Places to Work 2023: Forsyth Plastic Surgery

Special Sections Editor/Researcher/Data Reporter, Triad Business Journal

Forsyth Plastic Surgery

Size: Micro

Rank: 3

Top executives: Drs. John Fagg and Andy Schneider. Gilson Kingman. George Lawson III. Leslie Branch.

Number of Triad staff: 30 (up from 24 during Quantum survey).

Total number of employees: 30

Year founded:

Address: 2901 Maplewood Ave. Winston-Salem, 27103

What is your company? What is your company doing?

Why do you think your organization is a best place to work? Forsyth Plastic Surgery, and The VISTA (our in-house aesthetic centre) employees love the work environment we provide. We recognize the importance of work-life balance, and the energy and enthusiasm that our employees bring to their work every day. We care about our employees' financial, emotional, and physical health.

What would you use to describe the culture of your company in one word. Caring.

What is the most important benefit to your employees and why? Botox for free!

What specific programs and actions did your company implement in the past year to become a "Best Place to Work"? Our company has expanded its benefits package this year. We began offering dental, vision, Aflac, short-term disabilities, and cancer policies. Our employees can take time off and explore their creativity! One of our employees works as an actress/model. We let her travel to filming locations and to shoots on location. We love it when our employees are busy outside of the office.

What sports mascot do you think would best represent your company? Injectors! Go Injectors!

What is your company's advantage in the final stretch? Five board-certified surgeons are on our team, along with two master level estheticians, a nursing staff of the highest caliber, and a support staff that is second to none!

What pitch makes your company hit a homerun? Fast ball, because we are constantly improving ourselves through updating our knowledge, technology and products.