Banco Macro S.A. (NYSE:BMA) to Issue $0.45 Monthly Dividend

The bank will pay a 0.4504 dividend per share to investors who were registered on the 18th of July. This will take place on the 24th of July. Annualized, this is a $5.41 yield and represents a dividend of $5.41. This dividend will be ex-dividend on Monday, July 17.

Banco Macro's payout ratio is 2.2%, which indicates that the company's dividend is adequately covered by earnings. During Friday's trading hours, the stock fell $1.65 to $24.93. Stock of the company traded at 430,048 compared to an average of 377.593 shares. Banco Macro's 52-week low is $9.72, and its 52-week high is $27.96. The 50-day average for the business is $21.89, and its 200 day average is $20.18. The company's current ratio is 0.72, its quick ratio is 0.72, and it has a debt to equity ratio of 0.15%.

The last time the company released quarterly earnings was on May 17th. The bank's $1.04 per share earnings for the first quarter beat analysts' expectations of $0.78 cents by $0.26. Banco Macro's return on equity was 8.14%, and its net margin was 5.15%. The company had a revenue of $913.72 millions for the quarter. Research analysts expect Banco Macro to post an average of 2.14 earnings per share in the current fiscal year.

Wall Street analysts weigh in

In a report published on Thursday 18th May, Banco Macro was covered. They gave the stock a rating of 'buy'.

Banco Macro Institutional Trading

Recent changes in institutional investors' and hedge fund's stakes have seen a recent increase or decrease. UBS Group AG increased its stake in Banco Macro from 980.3% to $56,000 in the third quarter. UBS Group AG owns now 3,889 shares worth $56,000 of the bank stock after buying an additional 3,529 during the period. JPMorgan Chase & Co. grew its holdings in Banco Macro shares by 456,9% during the first three months. JPMorgan Chase & Co. owns 6,298 of the bank stock, worth $109,000. This is after acquiring 5,167 additional shares. Renaissance Technologies LLC acquired a new share of Banco Macro in the second quarter valued at $134,000. Engineers Gate Manager LP bought a new stake of Banco Macro shares during the first three months worth $253,000. Trium Capital LLP also increased its holdings in Banco Macro shares by 70.4% over the first quarter. Trium Capital LLP owns 17,623 of the bank’s shares worth $314,000, after acquiring 7,279 additional shares.

Banco Macro Company profile

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