Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:AXSM) Stake Cut by Alethea Capital Management LLC

Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm owned 4,000 shares of the company's stock after selling 12 shares during the quarter. Alethea Capital Management LLC decreased its stake in shares of Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:AXSM) by 0.3% in the 4th quarter, according to its most recent Form

According to the most recent Form 13F filed with the SEC, the company's stock price increased by 0.3% during the fourth quarter. The institutional investor held 785,683 of the company stock after selling 2,580 during the period. Axsome therapeutics represents 58.1% in Alethea Capital Management LLC’s investment portfolio. This is the largest position. Alethea Capital Management LLC held approximately 1.81% in Axsome Therapeutics, worth $60,600,000. This was according to its latest filing with the SEC.

Hedge funds and other institutional investors have also changed their positions. Boxer Capital LLC acquired a stake in Axsome therapeutics worth $30,852,000 in the fourth quarter. Price T Rowe Associates Inc. MD increased its stake in Axsome therapeutics by 2.7% during the fourth quarter. Price T Rowe Associates Inc. MD owns 14,479 of the company’s shares worth $1,117,000. This is after purchasing an additional 380 during the period. Putnam Investments LLC increased its stake in Axsome therapeutics by 1.5% during the fourth quarter. Putnam Investments LLC owns 114 239 shares worth $8 811 000 after adding 1,667 more shares. Driehaus Capital Management LLC acquired a new stake in Axsome therapeutics shares during the fourth quarter, valued at approximately $17.979,000. Pathstone Family Office LLC also purchased shares of Axsome therapeutics in the 4th Quarter for approximately $324,000. During Monday's midday trading, the stock rose $1.10 to $74.84. The company's shares were traded at a volume of 539,894 compared to the average of 858110. Axsome Therapeutics Inc.'s 52-week low is $20.63, and its 52-week highest is $82.85 The market cap of the stock is $3.26 billion. It has a PE of -19.69, and a beta value of 1.92. The debt-to equity ratio for the company is 1.32. Its quick ratio is 2.95, and its current ratio is 3.02. The company's two-hundred and fifty-day moving average prices are $69.53 and $71.46 respectively.

The company announced its latest earnings on Monday, 8th May. The company's ($0.22) earnings-per-share (EPS) for quarter surpassed analysts' expectations of ($1.13) ($0.91) by $0.91. Axsome had a negative equity return of 152.04%, and a net margin of 109.75%. Analysts had predicted $26.87m in revenue for the quarter. The company's revenue was $94.58m. Analysts predict that Axsome will have -3.84 earnings per share for the year.

Analysts set new price targets

In a report published on Thursday, May 11, Axsome Therapeutics shares were upgraded from a "sell" rating to a "hold". HC Wainwright reissued a buy' rating on Axsome Therapeutics shares and set a price target of $200.00 in a report released on Monday, April 17. Bank of America reiterated its 'underperform rating' and set a price target of $52.00 on Axsome Therapeutics shares in a report published on February 14th. Mizuho raised their price target for Axsome Therapeutics in a report published on Thursday, 11th May from $84.00 up to $95.00. Guggenheim also raised their price target for Axsome Therapeutics in a report published on May 9th from $90.00 up to $100.00. One analyst gave the stock a sell recommendation, three a hold recommendation and ten a buy recommendation. According to the stock has an average rating 'Moderate buy' with a consensus price of $105.57.

Axsome Therapeutics

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Axsome Therapeutics Inc. is a biopharmaceutical firm in commercial stage that develops novel therapies to treat central nervous system disorders. The portfolio is divided into two sections: Products Overview and Pipeline Overview. Auvelity, Sunosi and other products are included in the Products Overview. The Pipeline Overview contains AXS-04, AXS-07 AXS-12 and AXS-14.

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