America's First Black President Left A Legacy Of Slavery

The article argues that Obama's actions are motivated by hubris and contempt for the Constitution, leading to tragedy.

Barack Obama became president 143 years after slavery was abolished in the United States. While African-Americans cried as they watched Obama's 2008 Election Night Speech in Chicago's Grant Park

No one could have imagined the legacy that America's first Black president would leave behind --

In Africa


It was a combination of imperial arrogance, disregard of constitutional restrictions on war power, and false pretenses that led him to do this.

In 2011,

Obama, encouraged by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and a few other advisors ordered a series of air strikes lasting months that helped facilitate a NATO-backed government change

The campaign that brought down Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader.

Obama announced in February 2011 that he had directed his administration prepare a "full spectrum of options" to respond to the unrest in Libya.

(Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

The ouster of Gaddafi did not bring liberal democracy or prosperity to Libya. Instead, it left the country divided, with two rival government and various militias fighting for power.

Obama's regime-change marked the beginning of an ongoing period of chaos. Some of the worst evils that resulted were inflicted upon black Africans.

Racism and Gaddafi’s use of sub Saharan black mercenaries sparked widespread hatred during the war.

Atrocities committed against Blacks

Who were considered fair game for various crimes including beatings, sexual assaults, and lynchings.

A Turkish construction worker said: 'We employed 70-80 Chadians in our company.



They were killed with pruning shears, axes and axs

Attackers saying: "You provide troops for Gaddafi." Also, the Sudanese suffered massacres. 'We saw it ourselves.

A rebel group emerged


in roadside graffiti as

"the brigade to purge slaves of black skin"

This is a reference for Libya's descendants of slaves who lived in Tawergha, such as the black people. Tawergha, once home to 30,000 residents, was looted and its inhabitants were assaulted until it became an


Ghost town

CNN captured Gaddafi in 2017 -- six years later.

A new dimension of misery is being imposed upon black people

As a result, the network broadcast


Two is better than one

Open-air auctions of slaves are held in Libya.

Auctioneer: 'Big boys strong for farm work' A trio of blacks were purchased at $400 per person.

Nigerian Sunday Iabarot reveals the scar that he claims he received after he was branded.

(Lynsey Addario for



It hasn't stopped. The United Nations convened a meeting last month.


The findings of a three-year inquiry that found "arbitrary detention, murders, rapes, enslavement and sexual slavery, as well as extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances" have now become mainstream.

a 'widespread practice'

In Libya.

Obama's War Power Ignorance

Obama, as a presidential candidate in 2007, was very clear about the limits to military authority of the president.


You can also find out more about the following:

Boston Globe

The Constitution does not give the president the power to authorize unilaterally a military strike in situations where there is no imminent or actual threat to the country.

As president,

Obama violated his oath by ordering the Pentagon, without congressional approval, to launch bombings on Libya.


Obama's administration, in a blatant attack on common sense and claiming that the United States was not responsible for retaliation because the bombing was limited, and the Libyan military was not in a position to do so, claimed this falsely.

The 'hostilities'were not a fact

The War Powers Act did not apply.

According to Obama's lawyers, a coalition bomb exploded in Libya in March 2011.


The intervention was championed, for example, by Hillary Clinton and Samantha Power of the National Security Council's 'humanitarian war hawk' group.

Many others in Obama's Administration opposed it

The Vice President Biden of that time, as well as the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Advisor and Deputy National Security Advisor, were all present.

Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense, said that Obama's decision on whether to go to war in Libya was an essentially toss up. The president told me it was a toss-up.

One of his closest decisions ever

He told Yahoo News that he was a 51-49.

Candidate Obama has unambiguously stated that this is the case.

It wasn't his choice to make


Obama's lack of conviction in his decision -- which ended up being devastating for so many innocents -- highlights why he should not have acted.

The Constitution requires that war decisions be made by the deliberative and representative bodies of the House, Senate

After public debate

James Madison


Thomas Jefferson said in 1798: "The Constitution supposes what the History of all Governments shows, that

The Executive branch is most interested in war

It is a disease that affects the most people. The question of war has been entrusted to the Legislature with great care.

On March 19, 2011, a US F-15 Strike Eagle taxis for takeoff at RAF Lakenheath in support of Obama’s unconstitutional war to change the regime in Libya.

(Tech Sgt Lee A. Osberry Jr/



Congress is unlikely to have approved the airstrikes. Pew Research's poll, published just a week prior to Obama ordering airstrikes, found that


Americans believed that the US had no'responsibility to do anything about fighting in Libya', and 77% were against 'bombing Libyan defenses'.

Obama's characterization of his Libyan decision as a 51-49 decision is also damning.

Scott Horton argued that 'This is no less than a declaration of war crimes'

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Enough already: It's time to end the war on terror

"The President was admitting that...he launched an unnecessary and aggressive war. A crime under American law, as well laws."

Another intervention on false pretenses

The Constitution is also violated.

Obama's Libyan disaster, like every U.S. military intervention, was based on false pretexts

In this case, Gaddafi's claim that he was about to commit a genocide against Benghazi -- a rebel stronghold in Libya's second largest city and a rebel stronghold.

Obama said after the US bombing started, "We knew if we waited another day, Benghazi -- a city almost the size of Charlotte --could experience a mass murder that would have reverberated throughout the region and stained conscience of the entire world."

Administration officials' claims

Tens of thousands or hundreds

The fear that residents of Benghazi would be massacred rested on

A purposely distorted interpretation of Gaddafi's speech

In which he said, 'We will have no mercy on these people.'

Gaddafi clearly meant armed rebels within the city. He also

You can also read about the importance of this in our article

"Whoever surrenders his weapons stays home without weapons. Whatever he has done before, he is pardoned and protected."

Susan Rice, then-UN Ambassador, told the Security Council at that time that Gaddafi supplied soldiers with Viagra in order to facilitate mass rape


Through an intelligence asset

The Department of Defense has

Learn more about the newest way to learn

Gaddafi explicitly ordered that civilians be left unharmed

Gaddafi also had captured other towns without committing any massacres against civilians, while the Obama White House made ghastly claims about Benghazi.

Unconvinced by the idea that images of massacres against civilians would be enough to stoke public sentiment,

The Obama administration has even made the sensational claim

Gaddafi supplied his soldiers with Viagra

So they could conduct a mass rape campaign.

Gaddafi’s pharmaceutical supply chain that enabled rape was non-existent, just like Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons program.

Clinton was put on defensive in 2016 about Libya, five years after the incident.


The claim that "Gaddafi threatened to massacre his own population" is patently false. The UK Parliament's parliamentary committee began to investigate her claims days after she made them.

Foreign Affairs Committee

Published by:

The report of the inquiry into the Libyan intervention concluded that Gaddafi did not intend to harm civilians


Africans pay a steep price for American ambitions

Obama had


George Bush described his invasion of Iraq in terms that were 'not based on reason but on passion, not on principles but on politics' It is also true of the administration's campaign to change the regime in Libya.

Promote the US Government positively.

The Arab Spring of 2011 brought about the humiliating overthrow in Egypt and Tunisia of US-backed governments. Clinton State Department official Anne-Marie Slaughter

Tell them to get on with it

Clinton said that supporting rebels in Libya could 'change overnight the image of the United States'

Impress the youth

Across the Middle East.

Bring the thesis of a book to life.

Samantha Power, currently Biden's director of the US Agency for International Development, and who began 2011 as the National Security Council's first member, had written

The Problem From Hell


A book that called for the adoption of an interventionist humanitarian doctrine known as 'Responsibility To Protect'

Power saw Libya as an opportunity to demonstrate the concept and further her career. After US bombs began falling, Power was promoted to UN Ambassador.

Help Hillary Clinton achieve her presidential ambitions

State Department emails reveal Clinton's advisors moving in and out of government


Over the utility of a Libyan intervention that is successful in a future Clinton campaign.

Sidney Blumenthal said to Clinton, "You must be on camera when Gaddafi is ousted."

You need to establish yourself as a historical figure at this time.

Protect Western economic dominance

Although Gaddafi has worked his way into the good graces with the United States,

He may have sealed his own fate by insisting that African countries wean themselves off Western currencies

By establishing a gold dinar as a new pan African currency. In April 2011,


Blumenthal informed Clinton that Gaddafi already had 143 tons gold on hand to support such a currency.

Hillary Clinton referred to Libya in a previous statement


"We didn't lose a single this action." This is no consolation to the families of civilians who were killed by US bombs.

The modern-day slaves in Libya and other people who continue to pay a high price

Obama's illegal, unjustified and dishonestly promoted regime change campaign.

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