2023 Life Sciences Awards: Catalyst Clinical Research

2023 Life Sciences Awards: Catalyst Clinical Research

Category: Private Company of the year

Nick Dyer, CEO

Age of the firm: 10 Years

Description: Catalyst Oncology, and Catalyst Flex are two solutions that provide highly customizable solutions for the global biopharmaceutical market. Catalyst Oncology offers full-service CRO services in oncology. Catalyst Flex provides global resourcing, functional and multi-therapeutic services.

What was the main driver of your company's growth in the past year? Its 800 full-time team members and contract staff, with their expertise and talent, have contributed to an increase of 84 percent in revenue from 2016. Our plan is to further enhance our capabilities through future acquisitions, and by investing in our values-driven and people-first culture.

Since its founding, the company has been most proud of ...: - its 'Catalyst core culture'. C3 is the cornerstone of how we do business, and it represents our commitment to employees and customers. C3 is fully operationalized and integrated into our talent acquisition processes, performance management processes, communication and system processes.

What do you look forward to most in 2023-24? The milestone of 1,000 team member by the end 2023. Catalyst welcomed two new full-time employees to Australia recently, marking a milestone in the company's journey. We are energized by our ability to expand our reach and support biotech clients around the world in bringing innovative cancer treatments to market or our Flex resourcing capability.

How can Triangle foster a more vibrant community of life sciences? Start by involving students, young professionals, and the public in university partnerships, grassroots campaigns, and small communities based around mentoring/coaching and networking, as well as industry trends. This would help to increase our industry's familiarity and attract future innovators from diverse backgrounds, while also engaging current life science professionals.